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Elite Orient

About us 

Elite orient focuses on high quality and mastery of precision and detail. It is a multi-disciplinary boutique firm specializing in project management, design, implementation, supervision, and provisioning. Based in Saudi Arabia, our designers are dedicated to providing the highest standards of design and creative expression.

Managing Director

Abdulmalek Al-Eisa

A consummate business, strategy, and partnerships businessman with wide exposure on multiple industries.


Administration & PR Manager 

Khalid Abdullah

Projects Director

Sohaib ALZaben


Sales Manager


His favorite quote is : " Work hard in silence, let success make the noise ", these words perfectly express his unique personality and lifestyle.

Project Manager 

Mohammed Al-Zahrani

He is responsible for overseeing the successful completion of his projects


Projects Architect

Ahmed Al Theeyb


Civil Engineer

Ahmed Alzir


Finance Manager

Anas Alhumaidan


The site is Underdevelopment

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